Are you tired of not having a clear strategy around your wellness goals? Do you want success for yourself but you feel like it is impossible to achieve? What is holding you back from living the healthy, energetic life you deserve? Are you tired of not CHOOSING your path in life and instead the path is leading you?

It’s time to get rid of the mess in your mind, organize it and deal with it to bring you the clarity and harmony you need in your life. Are you ready to stop running from your problems and face them? It’s time to develop the emotional strength that is required to handle your business in a healthy way. Stop letting fear and failure dictate your ability or inability to make decisions.

What you will get during our time together:


  • Clarity interview to get crystal clear on what you desire

  • 6 weeks of coaching, support and accountability to align with true clarity. Sessions are held bi-weekly (3 sessions total) via phone or video chat and are 45 minutes in length.

  • Workbooks and worksheets to help you begin the process of sorting through the clutter

  • An action plan

  • Unlimited email support from me

  • Access to my private Facebook community for my clients you'll receive insight, support and additional accountability from Eboni and the other members.


Your 1x1 coaching will cover:

  • Goal setting

  • Obstacles and Barriers

  • Getting Healthy on Purpose

  • Menu Planning and Meal Preparation

  • The Big Picture


Our program addresses the underlying issues that affect your ability to fully focus on your health.  We will focus on:

  • Setting meaningful goals

  • The barriers that slow or stop your progress

  • Your past experiences and their relevance to the present

  • Nutrition as a lifestyle, not a quick fix

  • What actions to take to make steady, healthy and positive changes in your life

  • Celebrating your wins


This is a 6-week commitment to making you the healthy, whole person you want to be. We will have  3-45 minute coaching calls to make this happen. This is an action-based program. We will be your accountability partners and support you every step if the way. You will have access to us through unlimited emails as well a private Facebook community.

At the end of the 6 weeks you will have:

  • The foundation needed to develop healthy habits and routines

  • Identified the obstacles you need to address to create lasting results

  • Master your mindset

  • Be ready to move on and set some goals for your life