Kidney Health Matters Bundle

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Kidney Health Matters Bundle


Who is this bundle for? This bundle is for you if:

  • You need to develop a basic understanding of a healthy lifestyle

  • You need to learn different techniques to improve your success

  • You need some help with your time management

  • You are ready to get crystal clear on your wellness goals

  • You are ready to face your fears and get healthy, no matter what


Who is this bundle not for? This bundle is not for you if:

  • You are not an action taker

  • You expect the results create themselves

  • You are not ready to commit to a wellness lifestyle

  • You are not ready to get healthy from the inside out

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Are you tired of not having a clear strategy around your wellness goals? Have you been diagnosed with or are in the pre-stages of hypertension or diabetes? What is holding you back from living the healthy, energetic life you deserve? Are you tired of feeling helpless when it comes to your health?

It’s time to get rid of all the excuses you use that keep you from getting healthy. Are you ready to stop running from your problems and face them? It’s time to develop the healthy habits and routines that are required to handle your business in a healthy way. Stop letting fear and failure dictate your ability or inability to make decisions that are vital to your health.

This bundle will help you organize your thoughts and take control of your time so that you can transform your life. We specialize in supporting women who are predisposed, are in the pre-stages or have been diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension. We are passionate about kidney health. If we can increase your education, understanding and compliance regarding chronic disease management, then we can increase your quality of life, help you have the energy you need to do the things you want and protect your wellness.

What’s included:

          eBook: A Basic Guide To Healthy Eating    

          Workbook 1: Healthy Eating Journal

          Workbook 2: Smash Your Goals Planner

          Workbook 3: Master Your Time Workbook

          Workbook 4: At-Home Exercise Plan


By putting in the work, you can:

  • Develop the foundation needed to develop healthy habits and routines
  • Identified the obstacles you need to address to create lasting results

  • Master your mindset

  • Be ready to move on and set bigger goals for you life