Who Are These Workshops For?

Our workshops are meant to educate, engage and energize people into action who are at risk of, are in the pre-stage of developing or have been diagnosed with hypertension and/or diabetes, which are major threats to kidney health. 

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are working with people who need a deeper level of understanding about the negative effects these diseases have on their overall health
  • You are finding that you are not getting through to people about a possible or existing diagnosis
  • You wanting to educate your community on how to live a life of holistic wellness
  • You are in contact with families of people with these diseases and you want to educate them of why they are at risk
  • You believe in offering lifestyle modifications to prevent and combat some medical issues
  • You are interested in bringing a general awareness to kidney health


Let Me Ask You Something

  1. Do you have people in your community who need education about the importance of kidney health?
  2. Do you have people with hypertension and /or diabetes thatneed to preserve their kidney health?
  3. Do you have family members of the people in your community that need to understand their risks of developing hypertension and/or diabetes?
  4. Has anyone ever asked how the can improve their health status naturally?
  5. Has anyone ever asked how they can create healthy habits and routines that can benefit their health?
  6. Does your community ask general questions about how to preserve and maintain their health?


Kidney Health Matters

This product was created to: 

  • Deliver potent workshops that create holistic solutions for people who are at risk of developing,  in the pre-stages of, or have been diagnosed with hypertension and/or diabetes. We are passionate about kidney health. 
  • Increase the education, understanding and compliance regarding chronic disease then we can decrease hospitalizations, frequent ER trips and utilization of our healthcare facilities. 
  • Prevent, turn around or stabilize medical diagnoses with lifestyle modifications

I have seen what people who are in their 30-40’s now will face in 10, 15, 20 years when the lifestyle that they lead catches up to them and it’s not good. People are in danger if they don’t start making some new decisions.