Desire What You Envision

What Is Your Hearts Desire?

Anything worth having requires a lot of hard work and possessing the desires of your heart is no different. And just like everything else we say, having the lifestyle that you want starts in your mind and how you are thinking about your life. We all have those materialistic things that we would like to have but what do you REALLY desire in and for your life and the lives of your loved ones?

Is it something you can materialize?:

·      A new job

·      Starting your own business

·      Owning your own home


Is it a state of mind you desire?:

·      Peace of mind

·      Contentment

·      Joy


It could be whatever you want it to be just as long as that desire speaks to your heart. If you don’t know what that is right now it’s ok. Spend some quiet time actually processing through how you want to live your life and where you want to be.


Do You Know Your Purpose?

If you want to step into the life designed for you it’s important to be absolutely clear about your purpose and vision in life. To LIVE ON PURPOSE you must step into your unique skills and accept yourself entirely. Your gifts are naturally inside you. Think about things you naturally excel in, for example, it maybe cooking, math or leadership. Whatever it is, that’s your gift!

If you are naturally GOOD at something, what’s stopping you from becoming GREAT at it? 

Use our Living In Your Purpose worksheet to help clarify the purpose for your life!

Our worksheet pinpoints your characteristics, talents, influence and values using them to complete your purpose statement.

Once you have developed your personal statement take some time and think about what it means to you. What would it feel like to live this statement out on a daily basis? How would your life be different? How could you impact the lives of others by sharing your gift?


Live In The Vision Of Your Hearts Desire

Now, it’s time to live in that desire that you have chosen for yourself on the worksheet. Are you ready to experience a life where you are truly content because you are doing your soul’s work? Just as I mentioned in the last blog, you must immerse yourself in the desire of your vision. It’s not good enough just to SEE it, you have to internally desire these things to happen in your life.

Your belief in the life that you envision is crucial to that vision coming to life. When you are doing your practices of gratitude add the things that you haven’t even received yet and be grateful for them. Live your life as if those desires are already a part of it. You will begin to notice a change in how you think, feel and act. Let your feelings be an indicator of where your thoughts are. As long as you are feeling good your thoughts should be relatively positive, in the moment and gracious.