Manifest Your Vision

What Is Your Vision


I know that manifesting your vision sounds so cliche, let me break it down for you. You use your vision for what you want in your life to manifest the life that you want. Many of you want to get healthy and live a balanced lifestyle but because your mindset isn't where it should be you are in your own way.

Let's breakdown mindset in this context. Changing the way your mind thinks and how it affects your life is the first step in learning how to use your vision to achieve your goals. These goals vary from personal, business, nutritional, fitness and everything in between. Once you learn how to use your vision you will become unstoppable.

What is the vision you have for your life? Where do you see yourself when your vision comes to life? What are you doing? How is your life? These are some of the questions that need to be answered. 

Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.
— John Maxwell

What Do You Want

You need to DECIDE right now how your life will be lived from this point forward. There is a process that we use to get you to your vision.

·      Define your goals

·      Define your blocks

·      Create an action plan

Once you have successfully completed this process you are ready to move on and begin to start becoming one with your vision. Your vision must be an authentic desire for your life. Your purpose must be clear or else your vision will be foggy. You must remove all blocks from your life. Negativity, fear and doubt will sabotage your efforts. It's very important that you deal with your blocks and develop healthy coping skills in their place.


Allowing What Will Be To Be

One tool that completely changed how I live my life is allowing. I am a total control freak and sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it's a bad thing. For me, the need to control my circumstances led to stress and anxiety about things that hadn't even occurred all because I felt the need to control all outcomes in my life. When I was introduced to allowing my life shifted.

Allowing means letting whatever happens happen with no emotional attachment to the action, thought and/or feeling. This frees your thoughts to grow and transform in a healthy way. You live your life believing that whatever happened is supposed to happen. You allow life to happen and you embrace whatever comes knowing that you will be alright. Identifying your blocks will allow you understand why you prevent yourself from experiencing what's happening. You may be running from all the uncomfortable situations in your life. You may be living in denial about the true state of your life. Whatever the case may be acknowledging your blocks will help you eliminate them.

This process forces you to trust that all things are working for your good. For me, trusting is difficult at time but is vital in order to have healthy relationships with yourself and others. Live with the facts, not how you feel things should be. As soon as you start operating in those false realities you create walls that trap you inside. Trust is lost and without it no growth can occur.

Spend some time practicing this concept. Watch your life change from this concept alone! It will blow you mind. You must trust in yourself and your situation and let it go to be whatever it grows into. Know that you will be alright regardless of the outcome.


Manifesting Your Vision

Once you have accomplished defining your goals, defining your blocks and put a plan on place to resolve them you are ready to manifest your vision. You take the vision for your life that you have created and you begin to focus your energy and thoughts towards that life. Every morning you will spend at least five minutes actively thinking how your life with be when your vision happens. Thoughts become things and when you shift your thinking to be productive AMAZING things will start happening in your life.

You are human and those negative thoughts will creep in from time to time. A great way to check in with your thoughts is to pay close attention to how you are feeling. Often times, your feelings will be more noticeable than the fact that your thoughts have went south. Keep the positivity flowing to keep your thoughts in check. Create ways to keep yourself present and focused on your end result.

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