A Season Of Forgiveness

What Is Forgiveness

What does forgiveness mean to you? Forgiveness is not condoning or excusing the behavior of yourself or others. It is not justifying or glossing over unwanted actions. Forgiveness is consciously deciding to stop harboring negative thoughts and feeling on purpose and to leave them where they are with no further attachment to the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that they have created.

Forgiveness was a tough concept for me to understand because I never understood how it would work for me. I couldn’t grasp that by forgiving someone or myself I was deciding to let go and free myself of the burden created by that situation. I didn’t understand that I was not over an issue just because I said “forget this, I’m done”.

The ability to drop people or situations like a hot pot doesn’t mean that you are free, it means you’re not. You will spend so much time trying to convince yourself that you are over it because it will just repeat in your mind and you will re-live it every time. You will think about what was said, what could and should have been said instead. You won’t even realize just how much it affects your life.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

It’s Time To Forgive Yourself and Others

When will you get tired of re-living these old memories? It’s time to create a new song for your life, one that speaks of peace, joy and abundance. I want you have what I’ve found for myself, freedom to truly let go and begin a new journey of living life without the comfort of your baggage. Yes, I said the comfort of your baggage. Think about it, you are comfortable carrying that crap around, singing the same song and living in the same way. It’s much easier to do this than to put the work in to free yourself and create a new existence.

The work is not impossible, but it will be challenging. You are breaking a lot of the “rules” you used to live by and creating new ones. You will have setbacks, plateaus and want to quit. But just remember that nothing worth having comes easy. The time has come for you to figure out what forgiveness looks like to you and apply it to your life. Here are the steps I used to get started:

1.    Acknowledge your limiting beliefs. Recognize that your thoughts and way of thinking is prohibiting you from being able to see beyond where you are. Your fear is keeping you from healing and seeking out a different way to live.

2.    Decide that you will forgive. It doesn’t matter who it is or what the circumstance was, LET IT GO. Not because it’s the right thing to do or because that’s just what you must do. Do it because you deserve to live a life of peace and joy. Do it because you want to live an exceptional life!

3.    Live your life as if it is already how you desire it to be. Pray about it, believe it and then FEEL it! Spend about 5 minutes every day visualizing how your life will look after you have gotten to your place of healing. At first, you will not feel this way at all. It will start to resonate with you and become more realistic in your life with consistent effort and practice.


How Will You Make This Your Season Of Forgiveness

It is time to CELEBRATE YOU! I want you to know that you can have everything you want in life and so much more. I want you to learn how to appreciate yourself and live your life illuminated by the joy you feel. Don’t wait until next year to start making changes in your life, commit to improving today. There is not time like the present to start designing the life you desire. Take some time and start working on the steps I gave you above. Take the time you need to address your limiting beliefs and forgiving the past. Once you have resolved them, practice your visualization every day.

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