How To Be Grateful this Holiday Season

What Is Gratefulness?

Gratefulness is showing your appreciation for everything and everyone around you. It’s about showing how thankful you are for all of your blessings. It’s not about what you have or don’t have, it’s about appreciating what you do have and making the best of them. What does gratefulness mean to you? How will you show your gratefulness to yourself and others?

This holiday season, let’s create a healthy habit that will last you a lifetime. Let’s use this time to practice gratitude not only until January 1, but forever.


Learn How To Be Grateful In Spite Of Everything

Life is so fluid and it is sometimes very difficult to be grateful when you don’t have the time to reflect and realize all that you actually have to be grateful for. When things don’t go quite the way you expect them to and you begin to get caught up in not expecting favor, an intermission happens in your life. Life is still happening but your purpose and your goals are on hold because you can’t grow in that environment.

You must learn to be happy for everything, even if you’re not exactly where you want to be yet. This is a huge step in allowing, being able to be happy and content right where you are. Allowing also means that you are accepting of whatever happens in your life, positive or negative, and that you analyze it from a place of objectivity and not with your emotions or attaching feelings. By operating in this way, it allows you to keep your peace and your joy while living in a world that is full of the unexpected. 

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
— Winston Churchill

How To Shift Your Thinking To Become Even More Grateful

Realize that while you search for happiness, it already lies within. Happiness isn’t something you acquire, it is a feeling produced when you live life in a joyful way. Joy is one of many states of being and happiness is a result of that joy. In order to become more grateful, you must find your state of joy. You must live your life knowing that no matter what, the joy for what you have in life and the people in it can never be taken away. The only way for you to lose it is to give it away. This can happen through your thoughts, how you feel and how you respond to what happens in life.

Once you train your mind to see only what you want it to see, then you will understand and begin to live your life in the way that you want. For more on visualization, allowing and manifesting your vision read this, click here

How To Use This Gratefulness To Propel You Into The New Year And Celebrate You!

Gratefulness is more than a state, it’s a way of life. Practicing gratefulness opens up so many doors in your life. It will free you up to explore joy in all areas of your life and could even force you out of your comfort zone to start pursuing some of the goals you have been putting off from year to year. Learn to celebrate yourself and the way you live your life every day! It’s time to create a lifestyle that gives you everything you want and more.

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