What is a Wellness Coach?

Who Are You and What Do You Do Again?


My name is Eboni Gee, co-owner of Living With a Purpose Consulting, LLC., LWAP for short, along with my partner and co-owner Asia Maddox. Our vision is to support people who are ready to get serious about living their best life. We also believe in having fun and enjoying life along the way! We are wellness coaches and our PURPOSE is to help you achieve wellness and live in your purpose.


As Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultants we provide nutritional support and guidance, stress management techniques and help you achieve your lifestyle goals. We identify the barriers, behaviors and habits that are holding you back, whether it is portion control, emotional eating, lack of time or you just lack motivation just to name a few. Together, we come up with an action plan to get you going. On the surface you might think you already know the reasons why you haven’t been able to succeed, but as we dig deeper into the origins of your obstacles the true answers often come to light. The outline of our plan looks a little something like this:

       Assessment of your current situation

      Identification of barriers, negative behaviors and habits

      Implementation of an Action Plan customized to your  needs

      Evaluation of your success, making any necessary changes along the way


We support, motivate, educate and encourage you during this journey. Only once you get to the heart of what truly motivates you will you have the power to accomplish it.


Currently we are offering:

 1.   Weight loss programs

2.   Wellness coaching

3.   Meal planning menus


As part of our desire to serve the community in which we worked for 14 years, the dialysis unit, we make Smile Boxes. Our boxes come with a customized dialysis shirt and some goodies.


Join us as we get healthier and still manage to enjoy the journey! Summer is coming, will you be ready for it? Like us on Facebook to keep up with new products and services we will be rolling out! https://www.facebook.com/lwapconsultingllc/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel


We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in your transformation!

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