There is More to Fitness Than the Work-Out Gear

For years I was OBSESSED over all types of work out gear and not even doing one single workout. My intentions about working out were good; my rationale was that if I was dressed and ready to workout, when I got the time it could happen. I lived in the world of workout excuses for a long time. The truth is fitness is not just a word; it is a lifestyle and has demands on you just like all the other responsibilities of life. There are five key facts to consider when you get real about what fitness is all about.

Fitness starts in the mind. Sure your body carries out the task, but the mind must first decide that it will happen. When you change your mindset, you change your behavior and that is the first step to creating a habit that will result in fitness. 


1.    Fitness thrives on CONSISTENCY.

2.    You have to be LOYAL to fitness.

3.    Being fit has many BENEFITS.

4.    Fitness requires a STRATEGIC PLAN to achieve and maintain it. 

5.    Fitness is FUN.  

When you decide to work out, you have some type of goal in mind. It could be weight loss, cardiovascular endurance, to increase your energy or just to be in better overall shape. CONSISTENCY is what will get you to your goals. If you do not commit to exercising for a certain amount of days per week, eventually you will fall off the wagon and end up quitting all together.


Sculpting the body of your dreams takes hard work and dedication. You have to be LOYAL to your plan. You can’t snack all day and eat whatever you want and think because you are working out it will balance out. You have to set realistic expectations so that you will not get discouraged and quit.

There are many BENEFITS to fitness. In the beginning you might be exhausted from all the new activity. But, after a week or two your energy increases allowing you to be more productive in your life and with your workouts. Sex is also AMAZING when you are working out consistently. Your stamina improves and because of more efficient blood flood senses are heightened making sex even more enjoyable!! That just made you want to hop up and run somewhere didn’t it?!?


You also need to have a STRATEGIC PLAN when it comes to your fitness goals. It doesn’t have to be fancy but your plan should have goals, a nutrition and fitness plan, a schedule of when you will complete your workouts and a way to measure your results. If you want to see results, you MUST first have a plan. 

Fitness is FUN! I agree that the treadmill and the stationary bike can get pretty boring! Fortunately, we are in a time where there are so many fun workouts to choose from. There is Zumba, Soca dance classes, hip-hop classes and Cize by Shaun T. just to name a few. There is literally something for everyone. Go find out what classes are in you area and get MOVING!


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