Why This Time Around Getting Healthy Will Be Different

The #1 Reason Why People Fail at Weight Loss

Do you know the biggest reason why people fail? It’s because they don’t have a detailed plan about where they are going, they don’t know what it takes to get there and they have no idea how to measure the end result. Losing weight is not complicated but requires a strategic plan for success. Especially in the times we are living in now, being super busy, little time to cook and fast food places all over. So let’s walk through what you need to do to be successful!

Choose a Goal Weight

When choosing a goal weight it should be an attainable weight. If you are 200 pounds your initial goal weight should not be 120 pound; it should be a number that you can achieve by losing a healthy amount of weight, usually ¼ pound to 2 pounds per week over the course of a few months. For some people, it will take 2-4 week just adjusting to the decrease in calorie intake and learning how to watch your portions. There are many ways to estimate portions just by using your hands, we will cover that later in the month so stay tuned!

 Women’s Health magazine has a great article on this topic!


 Your Calorie Hot Spot

Your calorie hot spot is the point where you are actively losing consistent weight per week. Your daily calorie intake might need to be adjusted until the hot spot is found. For women, the estimated calorie range for weight loss is between 1,250-1,550 calories per day, for men it is 1,550-1,800 calories per day. Do you know what your calorie hot spot is?


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Ready, Set, Eat!

A balanced nutritional plan is up next. It’s very important not only to eat a balanced diet but to also enjoy what you are eating so you don’t get bored and start straying from your plan. Make sure your plan includes balanced meals and healthy snacks that satisfy your appetite and keep you content. Make you meals colorful for visual appeal as well as variety. Add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals.

 Mind Your Calories

Tracking every calorie you consume is very important. Putting an app on your phone might be the easier way to keep track of your calories. It helps you fine tune your calorie hot spot and keeps you accountable for what you are eating and drinking. This includes all condiments and snacks. Make sure you are accurately documenting your amounts, don’t just guess, be intentional in what you are logging. Log your intake immediately so that you remember what exactly what you are consuming. Even if you can’t log you intake right away and forget some details, still acknowledge that you ate or drank it and try your best with the amounts.

Tracking Your Progress

One way to track your progress is to weigh yourself weekly. When you weigh try to do it at the same time of the day, in minimum clothing and don’t forget to document it. Taking photos is another great way to track your progress. In the beginning, you will not notice the subtle changes happening, but when you look back on your picture you will see the differences. Take your measurements monthly, especially for your waist. Women should be aiming for a waist circumference of 35 inches or less and 40 inches or less for men.

 Check out this article on how to take your own measurements properly.


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