How I Was Able To Get Consistent After 2 Weeks Into My Wellness Plan

Let’s get REAL

We all have had that moment when you can’t fit into your favorite jeans or you realize that EVERYTHING is tighter than it used to be. So what do we do? We decide that RIGHT NOW I am going to make some changes and lose this weight!  We get so pissed off that NOTHING will ruin the determination to reach our goal.

For some, this feeling may last for a while and they lose some of the weight and then start to get off track with their plan that was achieving the results, get frustrated that the weight loss has stopped and quit.

For others the feeling is short lived and you find yourself reasoning with why it’s all right to give up and stay the way you are.

Whatever the path the bottom line is that ultimately our behaviors dictate if we are successful or not. Behavior modification has been found to be the biggest determinant of physical and nutritional success through setting goals that are focused and person-specific.


This is how WE do it

There are many different ways to get to the same point as we know, but this is what sets us apart from the rest. We offer a “CAN DO” approach to health and wellness. We are not going to tell you all the things you can’t do, we will help you realize all the ways you CAN succeed. We do this by first strengthening your self-efficacy, which is the self-confidence needed to perform desired behaviors and incorporate those behaviors into your life. Once you begin to realize that your dreams CAN become a reality you make the change happen.

The model we use is meant to guide you thought specific motivational stages so that you are building a solid foundation on which real change can occur. There are five stages that we explore to get you to a point where you are ready to commit to the changes you want to make. Once that happens we support your transformation with positive and productive interactions meant to teach the differences between thoughts and feelings. By distinguishing the differences, you can start to identify when the negative thinking occurs and how to remove the thoughts and replace them with encouraging words that lift you up.


The Benefits are AMAZING

Once your confidence is soaring and you are crushing your fears, you can handle more complex changes that will really kick you plan into high gear. You start to feel that internal desire to do and be better because you CAN! You begin to challenge your old thought patterns and behaviors and successfully develop new ones that will set you on the course to long-term wins and fulfillment. Not only will you look better, you will feel better inside and out! As always, we are here to help when you are ready! 

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