The Secrets Of Self-Confidence And Why Looks Have Nothing To Do With It


 Self-efficacy is the self-confidence you have in yourself to change your negative behaviors and be successful at making those changes in your daily life. A correlation was found between making positive behavior changes regarding your health and how you perceive yourself. Confidence affects decisions that you make, the effort that you put into goals, how you interpret barriers and how determined you are to succeed when faced with adversity.  When you think about it, your confidence IN completing a goal might be just as or more important than really knowing HOW to complete the goal.

 Behaviors and Feelings that ZAP Self-Confidence


      Negative Self-Talk





      Lack of Trust


There is SO much More to You

 The fact is, there are many factors that determine our confidence level. In order to create meaningful changes in your life you first have to believe that the changes are possible. If you set in your mind that there is no resolution, the discomfort takes over and the excuses creep in causing the following:

       Rationalizations- “I really didn’t NEED to make those changes”

      Denial- “It’s really not THAT bad”

      Projection- “I am not really the problem, the STRESS makes me eat”

 Once your mind goes on the defensive, you end up right where you started. As a result, your self-confidence remains low and again you feel defeated, hopeless and frustrated.


The Bright Side

 You do not have to continue in this negative cycle, there are may different strategies and tactics to get you to a point where you can gain hope and clarity about your life and the decisions you want to actually MAKE for yourself. With some assistance, you will create better options and set achievable, S.M.A.R.T goals you CAN be successful with and that work for YOU!

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