Why You Are Not Were You Want To Be And How To Fix It

What Are You Saying To Yourself

How you speak to yourself can make a huge difference between living a balanced, peaceful and healthy life and living life in torment because of what you think and feel about yourself.  I am speaking from experience because years ago I didn’t realize the impact of the words that you speak over your life. We always hear people say not to speak certain things out loud and not to put them into the atmosphere. Often times, people poison their minds doing the same thing. Instead of those words going out into the world, they swirl around in your head creating negative thoughts like self-doubt, procrastination and inactivity. They cause you to become fearful because you feel like you can’t do any better than what you are already doing. Negative thoughts give way to negative feelings of insecurity, lack of trust and low self-confidence just to name a few. Pretty soon, you don’t feel capable of doing anything.

When you don’t trust yourself you can’t make decisions and you will have no idea how to get out of the rut you find yourself in. Your motivation to change is nonexistent and you rationalize all the reasons why you can’t do any better. How do you get out of this black hole? How do you turn your negative thoughts into positive ones that support the changes and healthy habits you want to create in your life? You have to face your fears! You have to be brave enough to first acknowledge that you have them and then commit to doing the work to become FEARLESS!


Are You Ready To Face Your Fears

Now, acknowledging your fears are one thing, working through them is another story. In my case, there were multiple situations that happened to create them. Keep these things in mind when you are working through your fears:

·      When going through this process of becoming FEARLESS many “cans of worms” will be opened, addressed and resolved.

·      Being FEARLESS doesn’t happen over night, it is a continuous process of getting over your current fears, consistently keeping those  fears from reoccurring and preventing new fears from developing.

·      Real work has to be put in to achieve positive results that you want.  

Some people may not even be ready to face their fears at all. Making the first step to facing your fears is scary. You’re already scared so the thought of moving into unknown territory makes people very, say it with me, UNCOMFORTABLE. We all know that comfort zones keep us from doing many things in our lives. I’m not saying that all comfort zones are bad, but I am saying that settling into them even when you have that gut feeling that you are meant to be somewhere different makes you a hostage to yourself.

It’s time to let go of what’s holding you back and finally live that peaceful life that you want! Free yourself from WISHING things were different or better. Free yourself from the excuses of why you can’t change. Once I DECIDED to get real with myself I was able to change my mindset, which changed my thoughts and led to changes in my behavior. 

 Let Start Planning Some Goals

Once you let go of the self-limiting fears, thoughts and behaviors you have to learn how to make a plan with achievable goals to get where you want to be. For me, working backwards is the way I make my goals. I see exactly what I want to achieve and then I work backwards to come up with my plan.

Take time to actually plan your goals instead of just choosing some generic goals because it sounds good. For example don’t just say, “I will start to work out”. You are not being specific enough with yourself and this doesn’t really show that you are fully committed to this goal. A better goal would be “I will work out three times a week for at least thirty minutes a day for the next month”. If you are really serious about your goal, specify exactly what kind of exercises you will be doing. That way, you take away any guesswork and now all you have to do is execute.


Why You Are Not There Yet

The reason you aren’t there yet is because you are not putting in the work to get there. You are letting your fears keep you from moving forward in your life. Being stagnant also has its effects on your life. Stagnation causes frustration and sends you further down the path of procrastination and inactivity.

Once you start to knock down these barriers and face your fears, your confidence will soar and you will easily be able to identify your goals and the ways that work best for you to achieve them. Unfortunately, most people never get beyond identifying what fears they have because they don’t put in the work to get over them, they get frustrated and give up. Don’t count yourself out before you even start.

YES, it will it be hard work! YES, you will you WANT to quit! YES, you will feel UNCOMFORTABLE! The question you need to ask yourself is this, is any of those things going to make you feel any worse than staying where you are, stuck and miserable?  

Let the LAST TIME be the LAST TIME you QUIT on yourself.

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