It's Time To Stop Letting Anxiety Rule Your Life

An Unspoken Disability

Anxiety is a major problem that often goes unacknowledged. Many people seemed to be ashamed or embarrassed by the struggle anxiety presents. When anxiety takes a hold of your mind, a person is often at it’s mercy and at times is unable to complete the tasks of daily life because of it. The DEBILITATION of this condition is very real and very scary but because of the perceived weakness associated with anxiety, many people suffer in silence.

I had never experienced any more than a low level of anxiety prior to a couple of years ago. When it first started I had no idea what was going on. As it continued and began to interrupt my daily life I started researching my symptoms, speaking with other people about it and paying close attention to my feelings, thoughts and actions prior to when I would begin to feel anxious. That self-assessment and ACKNOWLEDGMENT of my negative behaviors were crucial to being able to pinpoint my issues and gave me the ability to start to work on creating an action plan to get ME back together.

If I had never DECIDED to invest in ME and believe that I deserved more than what a life of anxiety was providing for me I would still be STUCK to this day! I had to be willing to become UNCOMFORTABLE in order to begin a necessary TRANSFORMATION of my mindset. Having a poisonous mindset threatens your physical health and lifestyle.


The Physical Effects of Anxiety

There is some benefit to a mild anxiety, which is considered a healthy level in small doses. But what about the moderate to heavy levels and the physical effects it has on your body? These are just some of the physical manifestations of higher levels of anxiety:

·      Rapid heart rate

·      Shortness of breath

·      Light-headedness

·      Nausea

·      Diarrhea

·      Cold sweats

·      Racing thought

·      Fear

There are more physical symptoms that can happen, as symptoms are individualized according to the person. All of these symptoms impact your health and your ability to life a healthy lifestyle. They also impair your ability to think clearly, rationalize your thoughts and begin to tackle the issues that are affecting your well-being.  

What Can You Do For Yourself

This post is for informational purposes and is not a substitute for a formal diagnosis. If you are having any type of anxiety a medical professional should evaluate you. This post is meant to help people face what’s going on with them, let them know they are not alone and that there are methods available to help them get back on track. By adding the practice of journaling and meditation with prayer into my routine I was able to get crystal clear on what I had to do and I have not looked back. Issues had to be addressed and HARD DECISIONS AND CHOICES had to be made. In the end, I came out of that time stronger, happier and more peaceful than I have EVER been.


·      Meditation- allows you to train your mind to be still, find your inner peace and acknowledge your PRESENT day truths. There are many forms of mindfulness techniques to achieve these states of mindset.

·      Journaling- writing down all of those thoughts that are swirling around in your head gives you the opportunity to not only get your thoughts down on paper but to rationalize whether those thoughts are real or a perception based upon negative self-talk.  We have a worksheet to help you work though reality versus perception issues in our Goal Setting Planner.

·      Get in touch will YOUR higher power- whether you are religious or not everyone has the potential to tap into their higher power and utilize the positive energy that is found there. Be still and allow yourself time to face and address your innermost feelings. Come out of the time alone better than when you went into it.

As I stated above, you have to be READY to make the COMMITMENT to change your mindset. If you choose not to address the issues you will continue to live a life of anxiety and fear. It’s time to face the fear, get really honest with yourself, about what is going on in ALL aspects of your life. Even just one troubled area can most definitely spill over into all the other areas of your life.

Are You Ready For Freedom

It’s time to stop being a victim of your circumstances. Stop letting fear and anxiety dictate your life.

Fear is worrying about what MIGHT happen in the future. Freedom is being CONTENT in the present.

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It’s time to make those hard decisions and choices to live the PURPOSE that is meant for YOU! It’s time to step out on faith and have the confidence to succeed and improve! It’s time to be all that you NEVER though you could be!

The feeling you get after coming out on the other side is AMAZING! My life has changed DRAMATICALLY and all I did was make the hard decisions and choices about my life and change my mindset. The work is hard as hell, but the results are PHENOMINAL! I can’t even begin to describe the peace, happiness and joy I have found WITHIN. I literally can’t wait to help other women experience what I have found!

The choice is all yours to make, are you going to run or are you going to hide, LOL! Just kidding with that one, but seriously how long are you willing to let your peace and happiness pass you by? How long will it take for you to figure it all out? When will you finally know where to start?

It’s about time to start that healthy lifestyle! It’s time to start that workout that you have been talking about for weeks, months or years! It’s time that you get that mental clarity that you are desperate to find! Let us help you achieve all that you want and more by eliminating those negative mindsets and clarifying the goals that are for YOU. When your mind and body are strong, you can do anything! Let’s Get To WORK!