The Ultimate Guide to Living a Balanced, Healthy Lifestyle

What is a Holistic Approach to Life?

The phrase is used in conversation but what exactly does it mean? A holistic approach to life actually starts with mindset and focuses on the importance of these key systems:




I have always been interested in holistic health, but could never fully grasp what it meant. As I grew in my journey, holistic health came into play in my life. I realized that in order to get my life to a place of unconditional peace and happiness I had to heal my mind and body. I also had to nourish my spirit to strengthen my mind. All of these pieces worked together in awesome harmony to create the person I am today. This lifestyle isn’t something that you do one time and forget about it, you must CONTINUOUSLY work at maintaining a positive outlook on life, have positive coping skills and be content where you are. I know for me that has always been a challenge. I LOVE to be in control and even though I know I am NOT, that doesn’t stop the need to have control. Everyday, I work on myself to not only shake the control bug, but to understand WHY I have this need.

To overcome obstacles in your way and move on to making goals that set you on the true course of your purpose you must deal with WHY you have these obstacles. If you don’t, they will show up in the most UNLIKELY places. When that happens, it will eat at your confidence, create self-doubt and smother your dreams. Many people NEVER recover from this because they just don’t know how to deal with these issues in a healthy way.

These three areas work together to create a balanced way of life. The words you speak to yourself, the foods that you consume and the peace that can only come from within come together to make this phenomenal experience in your life that you get to live everyday. This provides a CHOICE of how to live and a duty to self to take care of your own well-being. You don’t have to be a “mother of the earth” to adopt this approach to life.

Imagine that, you actually get to DECIDE how you live your life. YOU get to dictate your day, not the person that pissed you off, not the traffic and not your job; none of these things matter when you are balanced and composed enough to take a step back from the situation and process through it in a healthy, effective way. This takes daily practice and commitment to living this lifestyle, this is not a quick fix solution.


The Secret to a Holistic Approach

To practice a holistic lifestyle, you simply have to keep the three domains healthy. The word SIMPLY was used but not to diminish the importance of this concept nor the work it takes to achieve it, but to emphasize that this can be done successfully. Here are some tips to get you started:

      Clear your mind of the trash that you carry around and let it go.

      Be good to your body, eat well, exercise and get your rest.

      What ever your religion or belief system study it, meditate in it and find that place that brings you peace in your storms. That’s the place you go to when you are beat down and need to be built back up.

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Carrying around baggage from the past is one of the BIGGEST barriers ever! For many, it’s difficult to process though those situations and come out the other in a positive, healthy mindset. Many people will never live in their purpose and never go after their dreams because of the baggage they are carrying. Finding out the best ways for you to accomplish LETTING GO is SUPER important.

Getting exercise and eating a healthy diet will fuel the body so that it can do its part in your holistic lifestyle. For everyone, it’s not about being a size 2, it’s about being healthy and feeling your best no matter your size. Health is not size dependent; there are many thin people who are unhealthy. Just as it is important to feed your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations, you must feed your body with fresh, healthy foods and get at least 150 of physical activity per week.

Meditation, daily devotionals and journaling have been the most profound steps I have taken in my mental wellness journey. The calm and peace that they bring are shocking! I didn’t realize that by meditating, being still and quieting my mind I could gain such perspective on my life and clear the negative thoughts that were poisoning me. I underestimated the power of writing out my thoughts on paper and freeing my mind of them. The thoughts didn’t disappear, but I was able to clear my mind enough to begin to see a healthy path for myself. These to activities were CRUCIAL to my success in becoming FEARLESS and conquering my negative mindset to live the balanced, healthy lifestyle I DESERVE.

The list is short but the work mostly certainly is long with bumps all along the way. There are many more ways to adopt a holistic lifestyle, grab your free guide above for more tips and how  create an action plan. Trying to practice these actions and live LIFE daily is no joke! Plenty of motivation, dedication and support are vital to being successful in changing your lifestyle. Even once you achieve it, the process is not over. These things will fall out of alignment from time to time but with practice you will be able to begin to live a more balanced and fulfilling life as well as handle those bumps with ease. The reward is definitely worth the time and effort you will put into becoming FEARLESS.

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