How To Stay On Track With Your Healthy Lifestyle

Get On Track

I actually began my journey to living a healthy lifestyle YEARS ago. I was so pumped and ready to lose weight, get fit and feel energized. When my mother got sick with cancer I became the primary caregiver and slowly but surely all of my healthy habits, motivation and consistency went out of the window. After she passed away in 2006 I was not able to regain that momentum that I had and I have never been as fit and healthy as I was then. Fast-forward 9 years later, I have never abandoned my desire to get serious about my fitness goals but my mindset was broken and that led me to TOO MANY HALF-ASSED attempts to get fit. Life has a way of either taking you to the point of no return or waking you up and forcing you to make the DECISION to do things anyway, despite all the EXCUSES you can and will come up with for why you CAN’T do something. Once I WOKE UP, I decided no more of that mindset. I started praying for clarity and searching for ways to better myself mentally.

I decided that I needed to get back on track because I felt so amazing when I was doing my body good. I had a TON of energy, I looked the way I wanted to in my clothes and I had a positive spirit that radiated off of me and I loved it! Getting in tune with your mind and body can do wonders for your confidence. It gives you the courage and strength to tackle the things that are REALLY important to you and align you with your PURPOSE.

Here are the steps I used to get back on track:

·      DECIDE to get back on track. - You have to be at that place in your life where nothing less than SUCCESS will do. You have to change your entire lifestyle, these actions are not quick fixes and are meant to change the way you live for the better. You need to check your MINDSET and get that in order so that your body follows. If your mindset doesn’t change the chances of you being successful is low because you will continue to hit the same pitfalls you always have that kept you from success.

·      Make a PLAN on what to do. – All goals need a plan on how to reach them. You don’t drive to an unknown destination without directions; the same principle applies when transforming yourself from the inside out. You must have a clear direction on what actions you will take to achieve your goals.

·      EXECUTE your plan. – Once you have made your plan of attack, its time for some ACTION! Many of us will plan all day long and never start. Stop over-planning and start executing. The timing will never be perfect and nothing will ever happen if you never get going.

Why You Go Off Track

The top three reasons people get off track are inconsistency, lack of planning and poor time management. Even the best, most well thought out plans can fail if you don’t nurture them. When you are getting on track you are creating healthy routines and habits that will become the FOUNDATION for all your future successes.

INCONSISTENCY in your routine will lead to frustrations over your plan not working, when in REALITY your plan is not working because you are inconsistent. If you are not taking the time to clear your mind, eat healthy foods and move your body you will not get to the place of wellness that you want to be. If you don’t get to that place you will never see all of the other dreams you can create and achieve. You will not be in a position to go after your PURPOSE.

You must constantly follow and tweak your PLAN. It’s GREAT that you created a plan but you have to follow it and make adjustments to it when you come across conflicts or things that don’t quite work well in it. This process of transforming your lifestyle is very FLUID, it constantly changes due to unforeseen circumstances, growth and change. You must be able to adapt to both positive and negative situations and KEEP IT MOVING!  When your plan grows stagnant and is no longer serving it’s purpose, you lose momentum and eventually QUIT. Check out our Free Goal Setting Planner to help you out!

A main reason your plan gets you tied up is that your TIME MANAGEMENT is out of whack. You must know what NEEDS to be done, what you would LIKE to get done and the REALITY of the two. If you don’t have the time to do all the things that you would like to you will have to find ways to automate, streamline or eliminate tasks in your day to create the time needed. Create a weekly list of tasks you would like to complete. Don’t overcrowd your schedule or you will get overwhelmed and not complete anything. Then, you assess how much time you will need. Block out your time so that you are being productive and have the appropriate amount of time for each task. If you really need help in the area get our Time Management Workbook. We walk you through all of the steps we use to stay on top of our schedules. We also available in our Private Facebook community to help you along the way!

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How to stay on track

Sometimes staying on track is more difficult than deciding to get it together in the first place. It is inevitable that something will happen and throw you off your game. No worries start back immediately after you fall off. Don’t wait until the following week to get going again, you need to combat inactivity with ACTION! It won’t be perfect or quite the way the way you want or are used to but getting back on track will build your confidence that you have the ability to successfully regroup.

When you get going again, be prepared to start back. Prep for success as best you can by getting your things in order that night before. If you are prepped for your week to begin with all the pieces are already in place, you just have to execute them. If you were not prepped for the week do what you can and make it your business to prep for the weeks to come. Plan your meals, go to the market, set out your clothes for the week, plan your workouts and have you workout clothes together. These small steps can give you HOURS back into your week and keep MONEY in your pocket! You can even take it up a notch, STOP going to Target 3 times per week, make a list and plan a day per month to make the trip. Let people know what times you have available, stop letting the needs of others run your schedule.

Analyze what went wrong to avoid making the same mistakes again. There is no better teacher than an unsuccessful goal. Use that as an opportunity to learn from what doesn’t work and how to tweak that to MAKE it work for you.

This process is all about finding what works for YOU. Everyone has individual goals and needs, so that means what works for me might not work for you. You need to find that particular plan that works EXPLICITLY for you.

We are SO here for you if you have no idea where to begin. We want to see you win! Please share this post if it has helped so that we can build a culture of helping each and winning together!