My Week COULD Have Been Awful

My week started of with some anxious thoughts and inconsistency in my meditation routine. That led to feeling tired, unmotivated and just a general BLEH feeling. I had urges to EAT MY EMOTIONS and had no desire to get moving. I realized very quickly what was going on and immediately started to change it. For starters, when I feel super anxious I meditate for a minimum of one hour per day so that’s what I did. I got back in tune with how I was feeling versus how I actually wanted to feel.  

 I could have let this bump in the road TOTALLY derail my goals of creating peace and calm in my life on a daily basis. I could have told myself that being consistent is just too hard and I would never be able to achieve it. I could have eaten anything and everything because I was feeling HOPELESS about my journey. I could have given up because I didn’t follow through with my plan and succeed in my goal, this time. This is what MANY people go through in the process that is life and why they go on to quit and NEVER fulfill their PURPOSE.

Just because you fall off every now and then does NOT mean that you have FAILED. All it means is that you have learned a lesson, WHAT NOT TO DO THE NEXT TIME. Often times, when we fall off we go into a series of negative self-talk and negative thoughts that lead to negative behaviors that take us to a place of paralyzing fear where NOTHING grows. Many people never fully recover from these hits and settle in the fact that they will never get to where they desperately want to be. This leads to a life that is unfulfilled, shadowed in “what-ifs” and creates bitterness and negativity within. Let’s find out how to avoid this mess!


The Importance Of Having A Plan and Goals

Having goals and making a plan is the best offense to failure by BECOMING consistent, OVERCOMING your fears, SMASHING those barriers and living in your PURPOSE. Notice I used ACTION words. Nothing will happen in your life unless you do the work to get there. You want to be proactive, not reactive. The goal is to OWN your day and your life, not for those areas to run you. There is a process to creating habits that will lead you to the life that is meant for you. Here are some questions to consider:

 ·      Think about the GOALS you have for your life.

·      How can you ACHIEVE these goals?

·      What’s is IN THE WAY of you achieving your goals?

·      Are you willing to make the HARD DECISIONS and CHOICES needed to reach your goals?

There are other areas that must be addressed in order for you to succeed. We believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness. We have the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT to nurture and strengthen. For you to be successful in sticking to your plan and achieving your goals your MINDSET has to be on POINT. All of the baggage you have been carrying with you has to go. You CAN NOT step into your PURPOSE with that “mess” dragging behind you. No matter how far you get the “mess” will show up and disrupt what you are building. Yes, there are highly successful people that make it, but many end up with addictions, mental health and social issues to cope with the unresolved thoughts and feelings.  Negative coping skills are what result from not addressing your problems. Many of us deal with these issues EVERY DAY and they keep us from living the healthy, balanced lifestyle we want.

We have to make goals that have real purpose for us, GOALS THAT SPEAK TO THE DEEPEST DESIRES OF OUR HEART. Those are the goals that get achieved because we are tied to them in a very personal way. Those goals MEAN something to us and we NEED them. We have to be UNAPOLOGETIC in our pursuit of our goals. It’s all right that no one else understands WHY you have this need. The DREAM that is placed on your heart is your own, you don’t need VALIDATION from anyone.

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Tips On How To Stay On Track, Especially During The Tough Days

On the tough days, remember your WHY! When you start this process write down your thoughts, your dreams and your purpose. Write down your fears and your doubts. Document WHY you want these things to happen in your life. What will be the benefit? What results will you get? How will these goals change your life? When you get down and fall off the wagon look at what you wrote, see how far you have come and celebrate every win. This has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! To look back in my journal and see how far I have come is HUGE. It assures me that I can in fact accomplish things and that I am not where I started. That gives my willpower a boost of much needed confidence to pick up right where I left off.

Don’t let setbacks keep you from living your dreams. Don’t let the past and the baggage you carry keep you achieving your goals. It’s time to SHED the negativity that creeps into your mind and heart robbing you of dreams. Aren’t you tired of giving yourself goals that you never even ATTEMPT to reach? Stop letting FEAR paralyze you and make you feel like you have nothing to offer the world. We teach women how to process through the junk and come into their purpose of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Once you have created healthy habits and dealt with your “mess” you can go on to accomplish great things!

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