Why You Need Our Goal Setting Planner In Your Life

What is our Goal Setting Planner

Our goal-setting planner was designed with your mind, body and soul in our thoughts. We address all of these areas by creating activities that work on strengthening them. Setting goals help to improve your performance, increase self-confidence and allows you to live in your PURPOSE. Setting goals can decrease stress and anxiety, give your life direction and lead to bigger and better goals to achieve in the future.

 We need goals to hold us accountable for reaching for our DREAMS. When I was a teenager I had the bad attitude of saying I didn’t care about pretty much everything. At that time, I didn’t realize how strong the power of words were and I believe that mindset held me back and created negative coping skills that I would carry into my adulthood. Now, that I am older and have experienced life I know how important it is to nurture a positive mindset and speak cultivating words over your life. We wanted to share our experience, past mistakes and lesson with you in hopes of helping you to avoid or move on quicker from whatever is holding you back.

 The Goal Setting Planner also helps you to establish a healthy routine with your time management. How are you going to work on strengthening your mind, body and spirit if you can’t find the time needed for those activities? You MUST get your time in order. You must make these activities a priority in your life or else you will not be able to grow and achieve your mindset goals. If you don’t master your mind, getting your body to follow will be very difficult. Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle takes a lot of work, dedication, and consistency to turn it into a way of life. Change is very hard, even with best intentions but can be very rewarding and satisfying. 


What Makes Our Planner Just For You

Our planner is multidimensional to provide you with complete support for your lifestyle change. We start our planner off by giving you the opportunity to create three goals for the month. Then we encourage you to name three ACTION steps you will take in order to achieve these goals. This is very important because affirming what YOU want gives power to your goals. Here are the elements of our planner:

 ·      Goals

·      Affirmations

·      Motivations

·      Thought Log

·      Meal Planning

·      Workout planning

·      Daily planner

Affirmations are also included in our planner to give you examples of how to manifest what you want and who you want to be into existence. Motivational sayings give you encouragement especially on those days that are rough.

The Thought Log was included because often times we get so caught up in our thoughts and feelings that we start to accept all of our perceptions as reality. I have learned that when your mind is in a negative, cluttered space it’s hard for you to understand that what you think you see is not always how it really is. This log will help you sort out your thoughts and feeling and determine whether you are operating in reality or not. When you have trust issues, self-doubt, frustrations and insecurities you tend not to think in logical ways. All the negative thoughts create feelings, which keep you oppressed and unable to function at a high level. This can especially create problems when those thoughts are born out of false beliefs, which lead to false thoughts and feelings. The log is a way to provide rationale and facts to your thoughts and process through them for what they are. The log also requires you to provide evidence of what you believe, if you have no evidence you must accept that and move on.

We also have included a blank one-week meal preparation plan and grocery list to facilitate your healthy eating by encouraging you to plan your meals and go to the market on a weekly basis. When you eat well you will also feel and look good. In addition to working on meal planning you can work on incorporating exercise into your life with the seven-day plan to get you moving. Here, you can plan the days you will workout and the time. That way your physical activity is built into your day.

Lastly, you have the daily planner sheets on which you can plan everything out by the hour. This sheet is where you will physically see how your day will play out from start to finish.


 How To Use Our Planner

This planner takes you through the steps of setting goals, putting a plan into action to execute your plan and achieve your goals to get to where you need to be. When you have problems setting goals and managing time being able to successfully complete goals will build your confidence to go after bigger goals and dreams than you can’t even imagine right now. It’s important to build a strong foundation of developing the skill of planning. Yes, planning is a skill and it takes practice in order to be mastered. Our planner can be used month after month to set new goals and practice making plans.

At the end of the planner there is an evaluation so that you can see your successes and what you need to work on for the next month. Just as in any plan, analyzing is very important so that we learn from what doesn’t work and correct it. Once you get into the habit of assessing your situation, creating a plan, implementing and executing your plan and then analyzing it you will become a productive force to be reckoned with.

You will realize the POWER that you have to pursue and achieve whatever your heart desires. You will understand what it truly takes to get things done and have the confidence to know that you able to match up. This planner is more than just a collection of papers, this planner will give you the opportunity to change the way you live your life and to live a life that is aligned in YOUR purpose.

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