Create A Mindset That Allows You To Grow

What Type Of Mindset Do You Have?


We are shifting gears and turning our focus to identifying and overcoming barriers that get in the way of your success. Mindset is a HUGE part of this process. There are two categories of mindset that can indicate how you handle daily life.

FIXED MINDSET is a set way that you choose to think.

·      You avoid challenges because you feel like you lack that skills required to face them.

·      You never feel like whatever you do is good enough.

·      You always get defensive when people critique or correct you.

·      You take those critiques personally and withdraw.

·      You blame others for your problems.

·      You get discouraged easily and give up frequently.


GROWTH MINDSET is an open way to think and assumes that all things are possible.

·      You feel like hard work can get you anywhere.

·      You feel like you can ALWAYS improve.

·      You love challenges.

·      You are very persistent.

·      You value the effort you put in to what you do and see it as a way to become an expert.

·      You take feedback and use it to make you better.

·      You use setbacks as lessons to grow from.

Why Your Mindset Will Determine Your Growth

The reason your mindset is so important is because it determines how you deal with the everyday struggles and stresses of everyday life. If you go about your life in a fixed mindset your way of thinking will never allow you to experience the development of your mind and abilities to conquer obstacles and cope with setbacks. A growth mindset offers INFINITE possibilities of growth, success and achievement. You will feel like the sky is the limit and that you can accomplish anything!

In order to grow, an open and positive mindset is required. For instance, if you see the success of others as a threat to you the lesson of learning by example will be lost. Everyone who wants success seeks out the successful as a guide of what TO do. If the thought of doing that scares you, then you are not ready and open to reaching your fullest potential. You must be open to failure and not always winning to get the experience needed to soar.


It’s Time To Start Dreaming Bigger and Putting Positive Energy Behind It

As we embark on this journey of growth and transformation I want you to think about which mindset you are. If you are in a fixed mindset I want you to process through WHY you are that way. What experiences have led you to this mindset? What negative self-talk have you been saying to yourself? It’s time to turn a new leaf and put in the hard work required to get into a growth mindset and begin to live the life meant for you. You may not even BELIEVE at this point that this is even possible for you. I really urge you to reconsider that thought. You DESERVE every good thing that can come to you; your WORTH is greater than you know. Take a chance and let us SHOW you just how abundant the gifts are for you.

If you already have a growth mindset but you are not using it to the fullest potential we can definitely help you with that. Learn to use that positivity to manifest your hearts desire. This is not about wishing on a star and getting your wish. This journey is about framing your mindset in a new, permanent way of thinking that allows you achieve anything you can believe.

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