Real Talk

Real Talk

Holding multiple titles in life is exhausting. I am a wife, mother, business owner and nurse. Within these titles are many subtitles that left me feeling like I didn’t have any more to give to anything or anyone at times. I was looking for balance and eventually realized that what I was searching for was harmony. All my duties and responsibilities have different weights at different times. Sometimes, I spend more time with my family than business and vice versa. It drove me crazy that I couldn’t strike that balance and the outcome was me not being fully present in anything that I was doing because I was always thinking about being or doing something else.

I got brutally honest with myself and things began to change. I had to acknowledge where I was winning, losing and what needed to be eliminated. I had to gain clarity on the mission and vision for my life so that I was walking in my purpose and being useful and valuable to others along the way. I had to find my voice so that I could be a voice for others who are too ashamed to face their shortcomings and own their mistakes.

I have made many mistakes along my journey and I have beat myself up about them at times. More importantly is what I did after that, I evaluated those mistakes, turned my lessons into blessing and came out of those experiences stronger than ever. I had faith and trusted my instructions, even though things looked awful and I was losing many battles. I stayed strong in the fact that prayer never let me down and I knew it wouldn’t start now.

I am back with a renewed sense of what my purpose truly is and how I can serve our audience. There will be free in-person and virtual seminars on how we can grow, evolve and flourish together.

I want to encourage you to take the time you need to mourn your losses and failures, then get back up swinging! No matter what, you are the master of your destiny. They only person that can speak failure over your life is you. You have the power, strength, dedication, determination and willpower to be and do whatever your heart desires. Go back to the drawing board, put your words down on paper and let your actions speak for themselves.

From now on I will be writing and doing videos on how to apply what I teach to real life. If you have read my blogs before you know the areas I focus on are healthy mindsets, self-care, personal development and goal setting.

I want to talk more about:

·      How a negative mindset can affect your marriage and home

·      Why it’s important to date your husband

·      The affect your mindset has on your children

·      How to make a plan that you can be consistent with


These are just a few examples and I can’t wait to share them with you. My hope is that this will be a dialogue between you and I. Support, encouragement and motivation are a must to be successful.

If there is a specific topic you would like me to discuss email me at, I would love to hear from you.

This month our focus is on self-worth. We will explore the three components of self-worth and how to honor them in your life.


I am rooting for your success always!