The GoalPrint

The GoalPrint


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 This course is designed to guide you through the steps to creating goals that not only help you achieve the success you desire but also feel good and plan intentional goals in your life.  Goals are so much more deciding you want to do something and doing it. The reason most of us don’t succeed is because we choose goals that don’t align with our purpose, desires and passions for our lives. The results of half-hearted goals are inconsistency, procrastination, lack of will power and failure to achieve the goals. With this course, you will get to the heart of what you truly desire and then create goals, healthy habits and routines that support you.

I know how it feels to want to make healthy lifestyle changes and feel like you have no time to work on them because your life is happening in real time. One of the key lessons I have learned is not to make important decisions in real time. Preparing for your goals and developing a plan for them gives you the blueprint you need for success. Whether you are planning your purpose while you are in school, working your 9-5 or starting a business, these steps will work for you because you are going to fit your individual plan into the program steps. I have always been pretty good at planning and achieving goals. While I was going through nursing school those skills sharpens because my program was so intense and with a one year old I had very little free time. The house still needed to be cleaned, dinner still needed to be cooked, I needed quality time with my husband and for myself. It takes very strategic planning to literally fit in all you want to do. The goal is not to get everything done at once but to prioritize what you want to accomplish while you work on creating more time for other things that you love. 

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