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Helping you enjoy your life, even on dialysis

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Dialysis wellness products. 


Cloudy To Clear


Learn the basics of dialysis on 1 weekend.

The key to achieving dialysis wellness is to be able to understand all of the aspects of dialysis and how it relates to the life of your loved one. With that understanding you can see its effects and make healthy changes.

4 Pillars of Dialysis Wellness

  • Pillar 1: The Introduction to Dialysis and the Unit

  • Pillar 2: Understanding Your Labs and the Pitfalls You Will Face

  • Pillar 3: Understanding Diet and Restrictions

  • Pillar 4: Understanding How To Manage Your Life on Dialysis

Who are these classes for family who?

  • Want more information on the medication and its importance

  • Want to better understand the effects of too much fluid

  • Are frustrated by the renal diet and its limitations

  • Want to help their loved ones with their energy levels after dialysis

  • Feel overwhelmed with life of caring for someone on dialysis

  • Think they can’t afford the renal diet

  • Are tired of the hospital visits and stays

  • Want to cut back on medical bills

  • Want more quality time with their loved ones

  • Ready to help their loved one find a new normal in life

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Dialysis Love Box


Get your box today.

This dialysis box is sure to bring a smile to the face of a dialysis patient. This box is filled with goodies that will comfort you while on dialysis. Not only does this box include our Ultimate Dialysis Planner, but it contains some essential items for someone on dialysis.

  • Puzzle book

  • Pens

  • Hand sanitizer

  • All purpose wipes

  • Lip balm

  • Cup

  • Dialysis friendly candy

Not only is this a great gift, but it will help keep you or your loved one safe and healthy all year long.



The Ultimate Dialysis Planner


If you or someone you love has to have dialysis this planner is for you!!! Achieve dialysis wellness by using this planner as a headquarters for how you live a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis.

  • Stay organized
  • Keep track of appointments
  • Monitor you dialysis numbers
  • Live a healthier life even on dialysis

Just gave this [dialysis shirt] to my mom for her birthday, she is very excited to use it! Thank you for offering these products.
— R.Miller

Learn to enjoy life, post dialysis.

Start your day with our Ultimate Guide To Dialysis Wellness eBook.