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Helping you enjoy your life, even on dialysis

This ISN'T your typical wellness website.

This is about creating a healthy lifestyle that you actually WANT to stick to. So you won’t find quick fixes or on-trend advice here.

Who we work with:

We work with people who are on dialysis and their families.

Living with dialysis it is super important for you to avoid the complications, pitfalls and unnecessary hospitalizations you may face. Once you and your family understand what it takes to keep you healthy, you can avoid hospitalizations and they can avoid missed time from work.

What we do:

Together we create a customized program that suits you.

Together we create a customized program that suits your tolerance for change, your understanding and your desired results. So if that means a quick 6-week program to rev you up and send you off or a 3-month program for that extra accountability and support–We are here for YOU.

Why we do this work:

Because we’ve seen the transformation that takes place for our clients.

Because we’ve seen the difference we make. We’ve talked to the patients. We’ve seen the concern in the eyes of the children. We’ve watched parents feeling helpless to help their child… We’ve tried to teach from the side of the dialysis chair, gave examples, and sent home papers to read. 

But none of it brings the information in a clear way for any sustained period. We knew these patients and their families needed more. But we couldn’t find it. We also realized the families were at risk because they didn’t know they were in danger of going down the same path. We’ve seen generations of families come into our units.

Patients were not getting what the needed from the dialysis unit, not in books or Google searches. Because the problem with all of them was that they were narrowly focused–they didn’t take into account the whole picture. So we created a complete lifestyle strategy to improve your energy and nourish your entire body.

We are not doctors but we know you can’t treat the symptoms and continue to ignore the root causes. That’s why we created this system and that’s why we started this business. To help more people dealing with dialysis and their families find and achieve the lifestyles that they crave.

Asia and Eboni, your Dialysis Recovery Dream Team™

Meet Eboni:

I have devoted the last 18 years of my lives to working with dialysis patients & their families.


Our goal is to help improve the lives of as many dialysis patients and families that we can. Healthier families create healthier communities.

  • Eboni is a registered nurse and has worked in the healthcare field for over 15 years. She is deeply committed to empowering women to get FEARLESS and live on purpose! Being a nurse brings out my inner desire to nurture people. 
  • Asia has also been in the healthcare field for over 15 years. Her passion lies in helping women overcome seemingly impossible obstacles and live a life they are passionate about!